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Portland State University Graduate Schoool Extended Studies.


Internships Online: Nature-Psychology and Education

  • open to all applicants,
  • transferable to most programs,
  • academic or professional credit optional,
  • financial aid available

Purpose: increase your skill in promoting the wellness of people and ecosystems through conscious sensory contact with natural areas.


The NATURAL SYSTEMS THINKING PROCESS is a hands-on nature reconnecting ecopsychology science. It is used by:
  • counselors, educators, and students.
  • physicians, ministers and families
  • naturalists and non-professionals interested in the improvement of self, spirit and the environment.

The Process consists of mastering and teaching profound, psychologically based, nature reconnecting activities and techniques. To this end, self-guiding books, study groups and online courses are offered individually or as part of degree training programs. You learn the Process through an online Orientation Course. It is described at the Institute website


Internship Opportunities Online
1-7 credits optional

The best way to learn the Natural Systems Thinking Process is to teach it. Internships are offered to qualified persons who want to increase their skill levels by gaining experiences in facilitating the online Orientation Course. and, optionally, a more advanced Introductory Course.

Online: Upon completion of the Orientation Course, participants may apply to intern and help facilitate the course without paying tuition. Upon successful completion of the internship, they are eligible to co-facilitate the course and receive as a stipend for their services, a refund of their original tuition (but not optional credit fees). Continued facilitating produces additional stipends and employment opportunities.

Duration: Internships may be three weeks to one year in length. Interns may participate while at school or in other settings of their choice. Upon completing an internship, facilitator opportunities are available for interested persons.

The above paragraphs also apply to the Introductory Course.

On Site: Intern training assistantships are also available at programs on San Juan Island and other workshops. Succesful participation in the Orientation Course and Introductory Course are prerequsites for these internships.

Questions? Contact Dr. Michael Cohen at 1-888-285-4694, toll free email


Internship Application Proceedure:

Email us your

  • name,
  • address,
  • telephone
  • email address
  • one or two paragraphs about why you want to do this internship
  • one paragraph conveying your background and experiences.
  • web page address if you have one (optional)

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